Catching up on double glazing

Double glazed windows use simple yet highly effective technology to improve insulation in homes. Each one features an insulation glass unit, or IGU for short. The IGU has two panes of glass with a spacer bar around the edge to leave a gap between each of them. This gap is either a vacuum or filled with inert gas, both of which act as an insulator, and all moisture is removed. The edge is then sealed to prevent moisture and air from entering the unit. The unit is finally fitted to a frame to be installed on a property. Read more


French doors offer flexibility whatever the weather

One of the major benefits of French Doors is that they open up rooms and extend the interior living spaces. If a property has small rooms, the installation of French doors can transform them into open and airy environments. This is due to the fact that they are constructed with one or more transparent panels, creating the illusion of extra space. Read more