A high-performance solution for adding light and saving space with aluminium sliding doors

Droylsden Glass 40 years of trade logo.Our aluminium patio doors are known for sightlines that are impeccably slim, resulting in a stunning appearance that will undoubtedly enhance a property’s visual appeal. The thinner the sightlines also means a larger area of glass, so they will brighten up your home and create the illusion of more space. Combining these qualities with advanced security hardware and the latest polyamide thermal breaks, they’ll secure your home from the cold and potential intruders too.

Customisable in a huge variety of ways, from their colour to their style, to a selection of hardware, there’s an option available to everyone. Manufactured by RAUM, their build quality is second to none, which when installed by the expert Droylsden Glass team, they’re guaranteed to last for years to come.