Triple glazed windows in a range of window styles

As a resident of Greater Manchester, we’re sure you know only too well how noisy some of the urbanised zones around the region can be. But not to worry, with the sound quelling capabilities of triple glazing from Droylsden Glass, you can enjoy some peace and quiet all year round. Triple glazing has an additional pane of glass over double, and three is better than two! This additional layer significantly weakens the strength of the soundwaves by the time they get from outside to inside the home, so any sound that does get inside is at a lower volume.

In addition to the extra pane of glass, triple glazing also has an additional Argon-filled cavity in the window design. This makes it even more difficult for heat to escape from the home, so properties are even more energy efficient. From an intruder’s perspective, it is more difficult to smash three panes of high-quality glass than two so security is improved also.

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