Custom uPVC windows designed bespoke in any shape or style

Droylsden Glass 41 years of trade logo.We at Droylsden Glass know that not every window is made to look the same, so we’re proud to offer homeowners the joy of custom-shaped windows. Engineered in highly flexible and energy-efficient uPVC material, these windows feature frames that can be engineered specifically to your needs. It might be that you’re in need of a window with incredibly sleek sightlines or your home simply can’t accept a window that’s rectangular or square. Either way, our market-leading double glazed Deceuninck profiles are extremely customisable and can be completely bespoke.

Some of the most popular uPVC custom-shaped window styles include arched, round and gable-end, but we can accommodate almost any bespoke shape required. This, coupled with the range of different profile colours and finishes available, ensures that the visual appeal of your home will be maintained. Whatever your obscure or one of a kind window preferences, custom-shaped designs from Droylsden Glass will be a perfect fit.

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