High-performance double glazing is energy efficient and durable

Although the framing has a significant impact on the way a glazed extension, window or door performs, the glass area, or glazing as it is known, is just as important. Double glazing is essentially two panes of glass that are separated by a small cavity. This cavity is then filled with inert gas, usually Argon but sometimes Krypton. Inert gases conduct heat very poorly, meaning less heat is able to escape through the window and more of it is kept inside the home. This results in cosy, comfortable homes that don’t require as much fuel to keep them warm. With A+ energy ratings and low U-values, you’ll save money on your energy bills.

If you’re looking to replace single glazing or old double glazing, thermal efficiency is not the only area of your home that will be given a welcome boost. Modern double glazing from Droylsden Glass is also highly effective at keeping out street noise and intruders. So, you can relax in a quiet home, inside which you will always feel safe. With two panes of glass fitted tightly within the window frames, double glazed windows are incredibly difficult to force entry into, resulting in a safe and secure property.

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