Enjoy a pleasant living space in Greater Manchester which you can use however you’d like

Conservatories make a wonderful addition to any property, providing homeowners with more living space and adding considerable value to their homes. Because we offer a range of conservatory styles, we’ve got an option available to fit any property too. Thanks to a range of customisation options, including doors and windows of your choosing, Droylsden Glass can create a structure that is unique to you.

Whichever style you opt for, you can expect maximum usability of the newly created space. This is thanks to Pilkington energy efficient glass, which utilises an invisible coating to make it more difficult for internal heat to escape. This allows a comfortable temperature to be maintained throughout the year. Self-cleaning, security and other glass types are also available for use, depending on your requirements. And because the glass is constructed from high-quality material, appearing almost crystal clear, your new space will be bathed in natural light.