Get more for your Cheshire home with a SIP home extension

SIP extensions are an ideal way to give you and your family extra room and space. Choosing a SIP extension often means staying in the home you love and preventing the stress and mayhem of buying and selling a house.

A SIP is a ‘structural insulated panel’. These panels can be used to build new homes and roofs and to add extensions to existing builds. A SIP Extension is a home extension using structurally insulated panels which have been prefabricated, measured, and cut before the start of the build.

The panels comprise an insulating Polyisocyanurate core sandwiched between two structural facings. Structural insulated panels can be used over more conventional building methods such as brick, blocks, or timber frames.

SIP panel extensions don’t have issues with shrinkage or settlement and defeat cold bridging problems associated with other forms of offsite construction. SIPs are compact, therefore, taking up far less space than traditional external wall builds, meaning you can maximise the space in your new home extension.

A SIP home extension is an effective and quicker way to add space to your home, as the SIP framework for an extension can be quickly constructed stopping months of disruptions you would normally experience from a traditional build.  This form of construction significantly speeds up the process of a home extension build.