A truly comfortable living space 365 days a year in Greater Manchester with our tiled roofs

Whilst we’re happy to construct a tiled roof conservatory from scratch, we can also replace an old glass or polycarbonate roof with a tiled variant, transforming an old conservatory into an all-year-round usable space. The beauty of having such a space is that you no longer have to avoid using your conservatory during the warmer or colder months. Whatever you’d like to use a conservatory for, with a tiled roof, you can use it however and whenever you like.

Tiled roofs feature a plastered ceiling internally, which can be fitted with lighting and speakers, increasing the homely feel. If you’re concerned that they won’t allow in enough light, we can incorporate a roof light or two as well. Plus, they’re suitable for use on most conservatory styles and come in a plentiful supply of stylish colours.