Upgrading from single glazing to double or triple glazing will help reduce condensation on your windows. But how? As part of our blog series on condensation, we’ve covered 4 ways that double or triple glazing helps prevent condensation.

1. More panes of glass

Triple glazed window profile

Compared to single glazing, double and triple glazing utilise 2 and 3 panes of glass respectively. This creates an air gap between the two panes of glass. Air cannot circulate in this narrow gap, which slows down air convection and, subsequently, heat transfer. The reduction in heat transfer means less heat is lost.

These additional panes of glass also disrupt soundwaves and reduce noise. This is especially true on acoustic windows, which have glass panes of different thicknesses.

2. Warm edge spacer bars

Sitting between the panes of glass on modern double glazing and triple glazing are warm edge spacer bars. These are plastic composite bars that separate the glass panes and insulate the edges of sealed units, further reducing the amount of heat that is lost.

3. Inert gas cavity

Whilst the gap between the panes of glass on double and triple glazed windows is sometimes a vacuum, on the higher-performing windows, it will be filled with an inert gas, such as Argon or Kypton. Argon has a 34% reduce thermal transfer rate to air, so it significantly slows down the rate that cold air enters the home and warm air escapes.

4. Inner glass surface temperature is reduced

The features above all collectively contribute to a reduced inner glass surface temperature, which is important because condensation forms on the inner windowpanes when humid air in the home meets the cold surface of the glass.

However, because double and triple glazing has better insulation properties than single, the inner glass surface of double and triple glazed windows is higher. Therefore, this reduces the chance of condensation forming when warm, moist air meets the glass surface.

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