Draughty windows are a big cause of heat loss in the home. By letting cold air in and warm air out, not only is your home less comfortable but it’s also going to cost you more to keep it warm. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many often ask “How do I stop draughts on windows?”. So, we thought we’d list some of the things you might try to draft seal your window.

6 methods to draft seal a window:

1. Install weatherstripping or tape

You can attempt to draft seal a window using self-adhesive weather strips and tape. Weatherstrips can be installed easily, whilst tape can be cut to size and fitted over any areas where there are draughts. Although easy to install, these measures tend to only work on a temporary basis. Foam strips and tape do not work well with sliding sash windows either.

2. Hang some thick curtains

Cream curtainsAlthough thick curtains won’t eradicate any draughts, they will create a barrier between the gap in the window and your home. Even if you don’t have draughts in your home, a pair of insulating curtains can trap more heat, creating a cosier environment.

3. Caulk any gaps around the windows

You could seal any small gaps around your windows by caulking them. But, it’s important to bear in mind that caulking might mean you have to leave your windows shut otherwise the gaps you have caulked could open up again. Getting fresh air into your home is important for good health, so this method won’t be suitable for everyone.

4. Window insulation film

You can buy insulating film that you stick over the glass area of your window. However, installing the film properly is essential for it to work effectively. This method is also unsuitable for any draughts that are present around the window frames.

5. Check the locks and hinges

Open windowHinges that are dirty or rusted can cause a window to fall out of alignment, preventing a tight seal from forming when the windows are closed. Try giving them a clean and if that doesn’t work, you might need them replaced or realigned. If the cause is the lock, adjusting it might resolve any draughts too.

However, if the windows are quite old, you should consider replacing them instead. Up to 30% of a property’s heat is lost through the windows and the energy performance of older windows is considerably worse than those today. Therefore, the benefits of eradicating any draughts will be limited.

6. Replacement window seals

Window seals can perish over time, which can create gaps for draughts to creep into the home. We recommend leaving a professional to replace your window seals because botching the job can worsen any draughts.

Why are my double glazed windows draughty?

This could be due to several reasons, but you can attempt to diagnose the problem yourself. Start by running your hand around the window frame and over the window seals to see if you can feel any cold air coming through. Next, look closely at the wall surrounding the window frame for any gaps.

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You might also try opening the window and closing it again to see if the window gets caught or doesn’t close properly. In either case, this could be because the lock or hinge has caused it to fall out of alignment.

How to stop draughts from uPVC windows

Arched uPVC window in whiteOlder uPVC windows are not built with the same quality of materials that you find today. Therefore, issues like sagging windows and warped frames, both of which can lead to draughts, are relatively common with them.

New window hinges and locks and replacement window seals are some common draught fixes for uPVC windows. However, they only work temporarily and if your windows are especially old, their heat-trapping capabilities will be significantly inferior to modern windows, even when fixed. So, to truly combat draughts and heat loss, we would advise that you consider replacing them instead.

How much does it cost to replace window seals?

The cost for replacement window seals will depend on the number of windows requiring new seals and whether you plan to do the job yourself. Doing it yourself will save money but it’s not a job you want to risk botching as it can exacerbate any draught issues.

Do windows with broken seals need to be replaced?

A key sign that your window seals have broken is when condensation is present between the panes of glass, making your window appear foggy. However, when this happens on double and triple glazed windows, the insulating gas that sits between the glass panes has seeped out, compromising the window’s ability to trap heat.

When this has happened, replacement seals will not replenish the insulating gas, so the window will still be susceptible to heat loss. Therefore, you’re better off replacing the entire sealed unit or getting new windows.

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