A warm roof is a lightweight construction that has an insulation layer above the rafters and below its weatherproof membrane, offering considerably greater benefits than a traditional roof. A warm roof is entirely flexible, as it can be installed as a new addition to your existing property or you can add one to replace the roof of a conservatory. Warm roofs are a valuable investment as they add considerable value to your home as well as providing durable and long lasting protection from the elements. The roofs are cost-effective and thermally efficient, and are becoming a popular choice for property owners across the UK.

The most common complaint from conservatory owners is that they are unable to enjoy the space during the winter months. The installation of a warm roof will ensure you can spend as much time as you wish in your conservatory regardless of the time of year. The sophisticated ventilation offers warmth in the colder spells and relief from the heat in the summer. A warm roof effectively reduces heat levels even on the hottest days, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory in maximum comfort.

Traditional methods of flat roofing involve the placement of rafters above the ceiling without proper ventilation. Eventually, this can result in the warm air condensing and the degradation of the structural timbers. Warm roofs are a combination of insulation and waterproof membrane that place the insulation on the outside of the timber deck structure. This means that no ventilation is required and no condensation can form. By moving the insulation to the exterior of the structure, the roof deck is effectively brought inside.

The roof is essentially a breathable construction that enables the escape of moisture. This prevents damp and protects the structure from any resulting decay and decline. This simple enhancement of your roof enables you to combat even the worst weather conditions and offers you long term value for money. We will measure your space, take accurate dimensions and construct your bespoke product. We deliver the highest standard of workmanship and we comply with all current building regulations. If you are considering installation of a warm roof or double glazing in Oldham and the surrounding areas, get in touch for a no obligation quote.

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