A Porch provide several benefits for residential properties. They increase the value of the property by providing a little more floor space that can be used for storing shoes, coats and other items people need before they go out. They also bring added security, creating a second door that people need to pass through before they can get into the house.

A third benefit of having a porch is that it will provide an additional layer of insulation around the front door. This will cut the amount of heat that is lost through it and help to reduce your bills. When they are made from the right building materials you can retain far more heat rather than letting it seep away and be wasted.

When porches are fitted with double glazing the amount of heat loss can be reduced further and they’ll be even more secure. Multi-paned glass is also very durable and will hold its shape better than single panes. This means the windows will provide more stability for the structure and there is less risk of warping over time too.

Double glazed porch windows come in a wide range of different sizes and styles so you can even choose ones that will add to the aesthetics of the property. The frames are available in multiple colours, including a selection of timber effect finishes so they can match existing windows. You can also choose different glass options to suit your needs including energy rated ones and clouded styles for extra privacy.

We specialise in both commercial and residential double glazing across the whole Greater Manchester area, and we can provide high quality, professionally fitted double glazing for all parts of your home, including porches and conservatories. We use the highest quality windows and have over thirty years of expertise so you can rely on us to deliver the right service. Whether you want to replace the glass in your existing porch, or have a brand new porch installed completely from scratch, we can offer the professional and swift service you need and provide you with a valuable addition to your home.