Double glazed windows provide great energy savings by keeping heat trapped in the property rather than letting it escape. This type of window is structurally stronger than single paned varieties, with the additional pane of glass improving the strength of the whole unit. If that wasn’t enough, they also come in a wide range of styles and designs so you can make a real statement with your windows if you wish.

Double glazing may be stronger than single paned windows but it does still require maintenance if you want it to stay in top condition. It is important to check your window and the condition of the structure around it periodically to make sure there are no issues. One thing you need to protect your double glazing from is damp, especially in residential properties. Cold windows can develop mould over time if your property already suffers from it or if you don’t air rooms out every now and again. Damp can also collect on window seals, causing them to wear away and necessitating replacements. It is important to make sure rooms are properly ventilated.

It’s always important to keep windows clean and to pay attention to the frames, seals and hinges as well as the glass to make sure the whole unit is maintained. When you do clean the windows you need to choose the right products, avoiding abrasive substances that will damage the frame or sealant. As long as you look after your windows, they will function efficiently and save you money for their entire lifespan. This will protect your investment and ensure you get excellent value. If you would like to upgrade to energy efficient windows, we can provide the best services for you. We specialise in residential double glazing and provide new installations across Tameside and the surrounding areas.