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Acoustic glass

Acoustic glass is specifically designed to prevent more outside noise from entering the home than standard glass options. It’s made by laminating two layers of annealed glass together with a layer of Polyvinyl Butyral, a special type of plastic that absorbs sound, sitting between them.

Aluminium windows

Aluminium window frames help to improve the insulation of your home as they come fitted with a thermal break that reduces or prevents thermal energy flowing from one conductive material to another. Aluminium is also very strong so can hold large panes of glass withing slim frames.

Casement windows

Usually fitted singly or in pairs, casement windows are typically hinged at the side an open by swinging outwards. They’re one of the most popular and recognised window styled in the UK.

Custom shape windows

Engineered in uPVC or aluminium, these windows feature frames that can be engineered specifically to your needs. Some of the most popular uPVC custom-shaped window styles include arched, round and gable-end, but we can accommodate almost any bespoke shape required.

Double glazing

Double glazing consists of two glass window panes separated by a viscous gas-filled space to reduce heat transfer from your home to the outside.

Flush sash windows

Flush windows are characterised by frames, or sashes, that finish flush with the external face of the window. When closed, the window sash is level with the outer frame creating smooth and even external contours.


A GRAF welder welds the frame ‘inwards’ meaning that no excess plastic needs cleaning away and touching up with paint. This gives an almost invisible finish to the corners of the frame.


The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) represents companies that manufacture, supply or install glass and glazing products in the UK and internationally.

Infinity flush sash windows

Available in uPVC, GRAF welding technology is used to achieve smooth corner welds that emulate the timeless visual appeal of traditional timber windows, yet they’re constructed from uPVC.

Residence 9 windows

Residence 9 is a new uPVC window system designed to replicate the 19th Century Flush Sash Timber Window. It can even be considered for use in Conservation Areas due to its authentic appearance.

Secondary glazing

A single pane of glass fitted over existing single glazed windows, ideal for windows that cannot be altered due to planning restrictions, e.g. listed buildings and conservation areas.

Slimline windows

Thanks to slimmer frames than other types of window, they feature a larger glass area so more light can seep inside. These stylish aluminium windows can also be customised in a number of ways; from the window size to the colour and furniture.

Tilt and turn windows

Tilt & turn uPVC windows are known as such for their unique opening mechanism; tilt them inwards and ventilate your home in total safety, or fully open internally and clean them in the comfort of your own home.

Triple glazing

Designed to reduce heat loss, noise and UV rays even further, triple glazing consists of 3 panes of glass with two gas-filled spaces in-between.


U-values measure how easily heat can pass through a material; the lower the U-value, the more efficient the material. By law, window manufacturers in England and Wales must demonstrate that their windows comply with the latest energy efficiency requirements, which is usually done by declaring the windows' U-value. U-values for windows and doors must meet a minimum criteria, as stated by the latest building regulations.

Vertical sliding sash window

A window that consists of one or two movable panels that vertically slide open and closed via a traditional counterweight system or a modern spring balance arrangement.

Window Energy Rating (WER)

Based on a scale of G to A+ (A+ being the most efficient), the Window Energy Rating (WER) indicates how energy efficient your windows are.


Bifold doors

Bifold doors feature a concertina style fold that stack the door panels neatly to one side. Available in contemporary aluminium, these cutting-edge doors are perfect for entertaining and bringing the outside in.

Composite doors

The term 'composite' refers to the way the door is made up of several elements to offer superior strength. Our composite doors combine durable & lightweight glass reinforced plastic (GRP), a robust polyurethane foam core and resilient frames.

Dog bolt

A chamber that is fitted into the door frame and a strong hook that is attached to the door sash. When the door is closed, the hook enters into the routed chamber and when unauthorised force is applied to the door, the hook engages, securing the sash and frame together.

Glass clamps

Glass clamps firmly hold any glass in place, making it considerably more difficult to remove. For this reason, they provide a good layer of defence for doors with sizable areas of glass.

French doors

French doors feature a set of two glass panels, that can be opened inward or outward. Maximising the space in your home and garden, this continental door style is a popular addition to patio and conservatory entrances.

Flush sash doors

Our uPVC flush sash doors seamlessly emulate authentic timber sightlines with their clean, flush frames and ultra-smooth corner welds.

Kubu Smart Lock

An advanced locking system operated via a smartphone application. When using it, you can check if your door is unlocked, get notifications whenever someone uses your door, and check its history.

Locking cylinder

We use the market leading Ultion Inside the lock there are pins of different lengths, when the key is turned the pins align into the correct position so the door can open.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is made up of two or more layers of glass that are held together by an interlayer. It is much stronger than standard glass and when it is broken, the individual glass pieces are held together.

Mortice deadlock

A mortice deadlock is a key-operated lock and the most common lock type that you will find placed in a doorframe. When the key is turned, a deadbolt inserts from the door sash into the frame.

Multi point locking system

Multi-point locking systems dramatically heighten door security, by bolting the door into the frame and locking at multiple points with the simple turn of a key.

PAS24 Accredited

PAS24 accreditation is a minimum industry standard for enhanced security performance. Any doors with this accreditation have had their security credentials tested by an independent regulator.

Patio doors

Sliding patio doors feature large expanses of glass that slide sideways to provide easy access to the building.

Premium composite doors

Built by Rockdoor, our premium composite doors are some of the leading entrance doors on the market; they’re renowned for their unparalleled quality in every aspect as well as their bespoke designs.

Rockdoor composite doors

Market leading Rockdoor entrance doors are known for their superior performances. They’re manufactured using a hardwearing yet stylish uPVC skin that will continue to perform and look like new for their lifespan which exceeds 30 years.

Secured by Design

Secured by Design (SBD) is a scheme run by the UK Police. It’s worth looking out for because any doors that have this accreditation have been tested to and passed the high-security standards demanded from this scheme.

Glazed Extensions

uPVC conservatory

A room that's mainly made of glass with uPVC frames, attached to one side of a house. Conservatories must be separated from the rest of the property by external doors and windows and fitted with their own independent heating system that's controlled separately from the rest of the house.

Aluminium conservatory

A room that's mainly made of glass with aluminium frames, attached to one side of a house. Conservatories must be separated from the rest of the property by external doors and windows and fitted with their own independent heating system that's controlled separately from the rest of the house.


Added to homes in need of more space, light and character, orangeries feature brick and solid sections; ideally bridging the gap between conservatories and extensions.

Roof lantern

Roof lanterns are made up of angled glazed panels that allow the light to flow in, which creates a stunning architectural glazed focal point. Lantern roofs can be added to conservatories, orangeries, extensions and any flat roofed structure.

Tiled roof

A tiled roof is completely tiled, much like the rest of your home. Tiled conservatory roofs feature a plastered ceiling internally, which can be fitted with lighting and speakers, increasing the homely feel.


The Guardian Warm Roof is a lightweight solid alternative to the traditional glass and polycarbonate roofs that conservatories are usually built with. Guardian roofs are made with Metrotiles or Guardian Slates that boast incredible strength, resistance, and energy efficiency


Market-leading thermal performance and hardwearing tiles that keep out external noise make a Supalite conservatory roof is perfect for the creation of quiet and comfortable living environments. With an internal pelmet ceiling that can be fitted with the lighting of your choosing, not only do they feel like a traditional extension but they look like one too.


Also known as Georgian conservatories, Edwardian conservatories have a square or rectangular floor, a sloping ridged roof and symmetrical flat sides.


Gable conservatories have a rectangular floor with a triangular front and a high vaulted roof that meets in the middle.


Lean-to conservatories have a variable sloped roof that leans onto the main property.


P-shape conservatories combine the long and rectangular Lean to style with the Victorian or Gable conservatory style.


Victorian conservatories have elegant pitched roofs, with three or five facets (sides) that create a beautiful curved appearance.

Roofline & other


Bargeboards are another name for the fascia boards that run along the gable end (the triangular upper part of a wall at the end of the roof) of a property, concealing the rafters in that location from weather exposure.


A garden canopy provides a sheltered outdoor space that you can use as you wish. You could have one over the patio area or perhaps sheltering a hot tub.


Built using strong aluminium frames which have an anti-corrosive layer, no matter how much wind or rain our carports endure, they’ll remain completely rust-free protecting your vehicle for years to come.


Fascias are the long boards that are fitted below the bottom edge of a roof’s tiles, providing them with support as well as shielding your roof from the elements.


By steering excess water away from your roof, uPVC guttering prevents a host of issues, including structural damage, occurring to your home.


A porch is a covered shelter projecting in front of the entrance of a house or building in general. It can provide extra storage space and an added layer of security to the front of your home.


The roofline is the elements that work together at the point where the roof meets the walls.


Bridging the gap between the wall and the protruding edge of the roofline, soffits provide your roof eaves with an effective barrier against the weather.

Veranda (glass)

Glass verandas are an excellent way to create a bridge between your inside and outside spaces, with a sheltered and protected area that also feels fresh and adds stylish extra space to your home.


Argon gas filled cavity

Gas filling is a method where a low-conductivity inert gas, such as Argon, is used instead of air in window cavities in order to reduce heat transmission through the window.

Conservation area

An area of special architectural or historic interest, the character of which is considered worthy of preservation or enhancement.


Window or door furniture refers to the additional aesthetic elements that can be added to enhance its appearance, e.g. decorative window and door handles.


Window or door hardware refers to the elements that make them function properly, e.g. window fasteners that are used to ensure that windows are securely closed.

Listed building

Listed buildings are considered nationally important and therefore have extra legal protection within the planning system which can sometimes affect planning permission and/or Building Regulations.

RAL colour

RAL is a colour matching system that defines colours for paint, coatings, and plastics across the design industry.

Solar control glazing

A special coating applied to glass that lets the right amount of the sun’s energy in; keeping the space warm in winter and cool in summer.

Self-cleaning glass

Glass covered with an ultra-thin coating that reacts with daylight to break down dirt.

Thermal break barriers

Glass covered with an ultra-thin coating that reacts with daylight to break down dirt.

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Buying Process

Design and order

We will design the perfect home improvements to suit your individual requirements, completing your order down to the specific details.


We will visit your home at a convenient time to complete a full site survey. This will ensure any necessary regulations are adhered to.


All of our double-glazing products are manufactured by highly skilled experts who use industry-leading techniques. This ensures the maximum product quality.


Our fully qualified installers will fit your new products in a turn-around time as short as possible, as we know how busy homeowners are.


All of our products come with a 10-year guarantee. In the unlikely event of an issue, our service team will be able to assist you with our extensive aftercare services.