Get more from your outdoors with an aluminium veranda from Droylsden Glass!

Droylsden Glass 41 years of trade logo.Many of our customers like the idea of a patio veranda, so they can turn their patio space into the perfect outdoor entertainment area. These are ideal for use in the summer, but because they offer year-round protection from the wind and rain, you can enjoy the outdoors when the weather is not quite so good too. Some of our customers even use them for storage! Able to project as far as 6m away from your property wall and available in an unlimited length, no matter the size of your property, you’ll have no trouble finding one that fits.

Their stunning glass roofs ensure you won’t have to sacrifice natural light for shelter. Plus, any excess water is safely taken away from you and your home by aluminium gutters that lead into low maintenance uPVC downpipes. Thanks to the aluminium’s inherent strength, durability and natural corrosion resistance, our glass verandas will last for years and continue to look great whilst doing so. As aluminium is super easy to keep clean, you needn’t worry about performing much maintenance either!