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Whether you’re looking to build a new conservatory or replace an existing conservatory roof, you cannot go wrong when choosing a tiled roof. A new roof will insulate your conservatory against the cold and external noise. Giving you an all-year-round comfortable living space. The combination of internally plastered ceiling and external tiling also results in an area that feels like an extension of your current home.

With Guardian and Supalite tiled roofs available, you may be unsure which conservatory roof system is best. At Droylsden Glass, we offer both and thought we would take a closer look and answer the most common questions searched for online.

Guardian roof tiles vs Supalite roof tiles

Guardian roofs come with two types of tiles: Slate and Metrotile. Both styles come in 5 different colours to match a wide range of properties with ten options. Guardian tiles also come with a 40-year weatherproof guarantee.

Supalite roofs come with either Tapco or Extralight tiles and in 7 different colours. Plus, the tiles are guaranteed against the weather for 50 years.

Does a Guardian or Supalite conservatory roof have good thermal performance?

Supalite tiled roof with brick red tiles

Guardian and Supalite replacement roofs have the same U-values of 0.18 W/m2k, meaning they both have the same energy rating.

The Guardian Conservatory roof reaches the 0.18 W/m2k measurement using a 3-layer insulation method that includes an exterior grade plyboard and a breathable waterproof membrane. 

A Supalite replacement conservatory roof achieves impressive U-values by using insulated plasterboard and EPS insulation.

If you want an additional thermal boost, you can opt for the Supalite Plus, which gives an improved U-value rating of 0.15 W/m2k, the best energy rating available for a replacement conservatory roof. 

Do Supalite or Guardian Conservatory roofs allow natural light?

Supalite and Guardian Conservatory roofs offer plenty of rooflight options to increase natural light and ventilation.

The Supalite Sky Vista is a hybrid conservatory roof with full-length glazing panels, as Guardian roofs can be fitted with large Solstice skylights to enhance light intake significantly.

You can have the best of both with these replacement conservatory roofs, the thermal performance of a solid roof with the natural flood of light just like a traditional conservatory.

Supalite Sky Vista Roof

Special features of superlight roofs

Externally, Supalite roofs have a matching soffit and fascia system built into their design. This creates a more authentic traditional extension feel. What’s more, LED patio lighting can be integrated into it, improving visibility at night whilst allowing you to set the perfect outdoor ambience.

Do I need planning permission for a replacement conservatory roof? 

Tile conservatory roof added to existing conservatory for a warmer solutionChanging an existing conservatory roof to either a Guardian or Supalite roof will be necessary to comply with Building Regulations. However, both roofs are certified under different Building Control approval schemes: Supalite under JHAI and Guardian roofs are LABC approved.

If choosing us to install your new tiled roof, we will also take care of the approval process for you, providing you with a certificate as proof at the end.

Tile options Best thermal performance Building Control approved? Rooflights and glazing panels available?
 Supalite 2 types of tile and 7 colours 0.15 W/m2k JHAI approved



 Guardian 2 types of tile and 10 colours 0.18 W/m2k LABC approved


What is a Guardian roof?

A Guardian roof is a fully insulated roof for conservatories that makes a conservatory useable all year round.

What is a SupaLite roof?

A SupaLite roof is a fully insulated roof for a conservatory with a plastered interior ceiling that comes in a range of roof colours to suit any home or style choice.

Are Guardian Roofs any good?

Guardian roofs are great for any home. They are trendy, with 20,000 homeowners deciding to have one installed. They are also very thermally efficient and have excellent u-value.

Are SupaLite roofs any good?

SupaLite roofs are a high-performance roof that is fully compliant with the building regulations. They come with a 50-year weather resistance guarantee and come in an extensive range of colours to match any home.

Supalite vs Guardian conservatory roof: did you discover what is the best conservatory roof system?

We hope this helped you decide whether a Guardian or Supalite tiled roof is the right option for your home. Get in touch with us at Droylsden Glass today. We are available to call on 0161 292 1122, or you can contact us online.

Black tiled roof conservatory

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