When it comes to replacing your windows, one of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself is ‘what is the best colour for new windows?’. Your chosen colour will affect how well they blend in with your current property and match with those in your neighbourhood. So, to help you find the best option for your home, we’ve listed 7 top colours for your replacement windows.


Anthracite Grey windows

flush sash bay window close up

One of the best things about anthracite grey windows is that they look good on everything from modern townhouses to period properties. Anthracite Grey typically looks like a dark grey, but once exposed to natural sunlight, you get subtle undertones of blue and green, which gives a sophisticated but warming appearance for the home.


Agate Grey windows

Agate Grey windows

Agate Grey is a delicate blend of light green and grey – a perfect colour for giving the home a fresh and light appearance. Properties built from light sandstone brick are especially well suited to Agate Grey windows, but they lend themselves to many others well too.


Chartwell Green windows

Chartwell green bespoke uPVC window

With its vintage vibes and tranquil appearance, it’s almost as if Chartwell Green was designed specifically for country cottages and other traditional homes. Chartwell Green uPVC windows are especially common because they often combine this light and harmonious colour with a stylish woodgrain finish.


Black windows

Black Windows

Black window frames look strong and sophisticated, but arguably best of all, they work with virtually any type of property. Black uPVC windows are very popular, but the slimline frames on black aluminium windows are highly sought after too.


White windows

New white uPVC windows for converted property

White is a blank canvas that works with virtually any property, giving them a lighter feel. White uPVC windows have been popular since the 1980s and still are today, although white aluminium windows have also grown in popularity over the years.


Oak windows

New house windows in english oak colour - flush sash window in uPVC

Oak is a naturally warm and earthy colour, ideal for giving the home a classic and inviting look. Oak uPVC windows are regularly fitted by us here at Droylsden Glass, and they are an excellent option for a wide range of properties.


Cream Windows

Cream uPVC casement window

Cream is another excellent shade for country cottages and properties that benefit from a more vintage aesthetic. Bringing a softer look to the home than white or wooden frames, despite combining white and brown hues, cream windows are a tried and trusted option for many homeowners.


A wide range of coloured windows for homes in Greater Manchester

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